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Why people say Swimming is the best Cardio exercise?

Currently, there are many forms of cardio exercise to improve health and reduce fat. For example Zumba dance, jogging, gym, … Swimming is also a form of cardio exercise like that. Sometimes, people choose to swim over other forms of cardio because of its outstanding efficiency. Through this article let’s learn more about cardio and its benefits!

What is cardio?

Cardio is an acronym for Cardiovascular, meaning exercises related to the heart. This is not a specific exercise but a systematic approach to multiple exercises.

Cardio exercises help the body increase while controlling the heart rate, supporting the blood circulation. As a result, the supply of more oxygen to the entire body in general and muscle cells, in particular, is also improved in a positive direction.

Cardio also allows the body’s fat-burning cells to burn more efficiently during exercise and at rest.

What are the benefits of cardio?

Cardio exercises are rated better than other exercises such as weight training, resistance because cardio helps control the increase in heart rate according to your wishes and maintain it for a certain period of time.

Fat burning

It can be said that with Cardio exercises, everyone in the world immediately thinks of the effective fat burning feature. It is not surprising to say that this exercise helps to consume a lot of energy, reduce the excess body fat, especially the excess fat in the hips, thighs and abdomen, and stimulate the stomach to digest food and bring. Superfast weight loss in just a month.


Cardio exercises help blood flow to the brain more so you can reduce the work pressure by practicing Cardio every day. Reducing stress in your life is reducing other health problems as well.

Strengthen physical

Like other physical training exercises, Cardio helps you practice flexibility, endurance, and feel comfortable and full of vitality.

Improved vascular system

Cardio exercises help open large and small blood vessels to allow oxygen to be circulated to the muscles, improving elasticity, enhancing blood circulation and stabilizing blood sugar effectively.

Increase the body’s resilience

Cardio combines many different exercises and especially LISS Cardio exercises can help you recover more quickly. If you have just had a heavy workout then go to the treadmill to do low-intensity walking exercise, it will increase the ability of lactic acid accumulation in the muscles.

Improve heart health

Your heart is also seen as a muscle. Without “exercise”, the heart will also weaken. However, if you often experience shortness of breath, heart palpitations while running for a while, or just taking a few steps upstairs, you will likely need Cardio exercises.

Cardio is a very good exercise for the heartbeat, helps you breathe harder and deeper and significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Right now, for you to always have a healthy and supple body, you should swim. Not only is it a great form of cardio exercise for the body, but you can also find a lot of fun and get good benefits from swimming.


Can swimming be considered “cardio” exercise? Let’s find out now!

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