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The ways she wears jewelry

1. Necklace choker

The choker necklace is a hug to the neck of a fashion trend that caused a craze in the 1990s. After a period of absence, this item returns with fresh variations that have dominated the catwalks and fashion shows. fashionista girl in recent years.

Necklace choker

The choker necklace is relatively easy to match, whether you are feminine or strong, you can find a choker that suits your personality.

The current choker trend has single ring designs so you may come across different long and short layer jewelry “pairs”. In which, the choker is still the center of neck hugging that can be combined with the light slender remaining fiber to create an elegant look for the sexy neck of women.

2. Reverse jewelry

Reverse jewelry

A necklace also gives the neck more emphasis and sexiness, but wearing an inverted necklace will make you look even more glamorous and personality. A thin, slender back that shows off lightly with an open-back dress would not be perfect without an inverted necklace.

Usually, this accessory is chosen to match with a slender, long-stringed dress with thin stone beads, or long string of pearls to help enhance the elegance and slenderness of a woman’s back.

3. Jewelry layer

Jewelry layer

Jewelry layer is a style that combines necklace or ring accessories into layers. You can combine a necklace in many floors with all sizes and colors to create your own character. Wearing multi-layered jewelry accessories will help you become more personal and liberal.

Jewelry layer is an impromptu accent and combination, so there is no specific rule and depends on the girls’ taste. You are free to choose any size, material, or style, but to avoid you looking cumbersome and less subtle, choose gentle designs that will work together. If it is a ring that can be arranged in short lengths, and rings, small and beautiful individual designs are also a remarkable choice.

4. Long fiber earrings

Long fiber earrings

Earrings are a jewelry accessory that women invest in. Choosing earrings also expresses her personality and helps to show off the highlights on her face. Because it contributes to make your face more attractive and attractive.

Long earrings are also one of the most popular styles for women, especially those with round faces because they make your girlfriend’s face look longer and slimmer. You also do not need to choose too complicated designs, just slender and elegant earrings also help you to be more graceful, luxurious and aristocratic.

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