When it comes to the Ultra Boost line of sneakers, young people cannot help but mention the great performance it delivers. And today Tulo Shop will present to you a new generation 4.0 called “Ultra Boost Clima”.

Referring to Ultra Boost, no one is sure, since the first days of launch this product line has captured the hearts of consumers because of its beautiful design and especially the ability to effectively support when used. that you can’t find in any other sneaker.

And following the success of the previous Ultra Boost product lines, Adidas has launched the 4th generation Ultra Boost Clima with powerful improvements. This shoe model will definitely become a “hot trend” this year and lead the trend.

With Tulo Shop, review all the information about this product line in the article below!


Ultra Boost Clima – Unique super product from the big Adidas

Ultra Boost Clima was first released in April 2018, but up to now, when it comes to this super product, no fan has no regrets. Because the number of shoes released is too small, even if you have money, you will not be able to “hunt” for “her” to go home.

If you are in need of a detailed review of all the design of Ultra Boost Clima, please sit back and follow the information below.


Non-sexual beauty, defiant of all ages

Ultra Boost Clima sneaker line has a compact, light, yet luxurious look. Not going in the aggressive style, Adidas emphasizes tradition and chooses the classic style for this line of sneakers.

Possessing a non-gender beauty, the Ultra Boost Clima shoes are suitable for both men and women, school goers to workmen. No matter what age you are, what gender, what job you pursue, … this item is enough to “balance everything” your style and aesthetic gout.

At the bottom of the shoe, the manufacturer is also ingenious when sticking along the word Ultra Boost, as a part of determining the luxury and class of the product.


Premiumknit premium material, comfortable to use

For those of you who own big feet and are afraid to wear sneakers because they make their feet more rough, don’t worry, the Ultra Boost Clima will be the perfect solution you are looking for.

  • The product possesses a close-fitting upper, cleverly conceals the big, rough foot defect without losing the inherent beauty of the sneaker.
  • Using high quality cotton primeknit, providing great comfort for the user.
  • If you pay attention, you will see on the surface of the shoe stools appear many tiny vents, it has the function of air conditioning, ensuring the dryness of the shoes as well as the user. Thoroughly deal with the situation of steam, pressing, sweating, …

How much does the Adidas Ultra Boost Clima cost?

Possessing beautiful design, diverse features, attractive color schemes, … there is no reason for shoe enthusiasts to ignore a great item like Ultra Boost Clima in their shoe lockers.

First, as noted above, the Ultra Boost Clima model has a pretty dripping amount. No matter how strong you are economically, owning these sneakers is extremely difficult. Of course, saying so does not mean no. Specifically:

  • You must seek the help of relatives in foreign countries to be able to carry them back.
  • Order on foreign websites.

But both ways have shortcomings. On the part of relatives, no one is patient enough to spend an entire day waiting at a shoe store just to hunt for a pair of sneakers, which is both time and costly.

Online ordering is just a matter of luck (but more risk). Are you sure the shoes you get will be auth? If there are errors, damage, … the return process will take a long time, the procedure is cumbersome? …


For those of you who are not strong financially, owning Ultra Boost Clima is too far away. With an average salary of 5,000,000 – 8,000,000 VND / month and all kinds of things to spend. To spend 2 – 3 times the amount of a real salary is a luxury.

But do not worry too much, “players are not afraid of the rain” as well as “if you love shoes, you cannot give up”. Currently on the Vietnamese market, Ultra Boost Clima rep 1: 1 shoes are sold quite widely, with extremely attractive prices, only a few million VND only.

And the question arises: “Where is the quality, cheap price to buy the Adidas Ultra Boost Clima rep 1: 1?”

ts926 Shop – A prestigious and quality sneaker shop

ts926 is a reputable unit, specializing in providing “remade” sneaker models with high precision. Not only the Ultra Boost Clima line, but also our store, you also have the opportunity to consult, admire and choose many other super products from the big men in the sports shoes village such as Adidas, Nike, Gucci , Vans & Balenciaga sneakers, …



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