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Who is the famous swimmer in the history?

Swimming help you look younger

Speaking of water sports, it is impossible not to mention Michael Phelps – one of the best swimmers in the world. Although there are many famous athletes today like Ledecky, clearly, the name Michael Phelps has been storming for a decade. Let’s learn more about Michael Phelps to explain why …

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Can you know to swim in 15 days?

Breaststroke - The easiest swimming style

This question seems simple but extremely complicated! Complicated because there is no consensus in the understanding of this concept. Let’s find out through this article! What science tells you? In a 2008 scientific survey in the city, with the question “What is a person who can swim?”, The responses of …

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Learn to swim is not as hard as you might think!

10 benefits of swimming

Speaking of swimming, perhaps many people are losing confidence, not only women, even men, there are many soldiers who still cannot swim even though they are eighteen and twenty. However, your thoughts of fear of swimming, of being afraid to learn to swim, have distracted you. Think that this sport …

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Why people say Swimming is the best Cardio exercise?

Swimming is the best full-body workout for your health

Currently, there are many forms of cardio exercise to improve health and reduce fat. For example Zumba dance, jogging, gym, … Swimming is also a form of cardio exercise like that. Sometimes, people choose to swim over other forms of cardio because of its outstanding efficiency. Through this article let’s …

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Is breasstroke the easiest swimming style?

Swimming help you lose weight

For swimming lovers – we all know there are 04 types of swimming style that most popular: breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle (or front crawl), and butterfly. And among these 4 swimming styles, breaststroke is the easiest swimming style ever. To know more, you must read this article below. Breaststroke The style …

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The ways she wears jewelry

Long fiber earrings

1. Necklace choker The choker necklace is a hug to the neck of a fashion trend that caused a craze in the 1990s. After a period of absence, this item returns with fresh variations that have dominated the catwalks and fashion shows. fashionista girl in recent years. The choker necklace …

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